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Bill’s Repair uses the Protrak Laser alignment system for trucks and trailers. Our Technicians have been factory trained in all aspects of wheel alignment, tire wear, and problem corrections. This system utilizes the latest laser and digital measurement technology, for fast accurate wheel alignment service. It allow us the ability to align your vehicle to tolerance of +/- 3/100th’s of 1 degree.

Why have your vehicle aligned on a rack instead of sitting on the ground in the position that it is driven down the road?

The PROTRAK QCT Laser Wheel Alignment System offers an “as driven” wheel alignment solution. 
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Bill’s Repair is your only local Platinum Shur-Co dealer.

In 1980, The Original Shur-Lok® roll tarp was developed by Shur-Co® to answer the need for a reliable cover containment system for the agriculture industry. Thirty years later, Shur-Co® continues to be the preferred tarp systems provider for agricultural applications.

Over the years, we have modified the Shur-Lok® to accommodate grain trailers, farm trucks, silage boxes, fertilizer tenders and spreaders, grain carts and gravity wagons, as well as various construction applications.

As the needs of the agricultural market continue to grow and change, so do the high-quality product offerings from Shur-Co®. Thecurrent line of Shur-Co® products includes the Shur-Lok® side-to-side roll tarp, Cable-Lok™ spool roll tarp, plus our SMARTrailer™ accessories: the 4500 Series HD Electric Roll Tarp, the AutoTrap™ and ProTrap™ Electric Hopper Door Openers, the Electric Turning Point™ Bow System and the LiteALL™ Wireless LED Work Light Package to go with our Solar Power Pack and Shur-Co's exclusive SMART1+™ and SMART2™ remote options.